UV Light desinfection box

According to the World Health Organization, typical medical masks are recommended. But many local organizations, including CDC even advise wearing a cloth masks if you’re going into public place.

Any of them is fine, if it’s used properly. Misusing any of the protection equipment can be dangerous and expose you to many germs you can meet.  Number one priority for self-protection is still social distancing and frequent handwashing.


Cleaning a cloth mask

Cloth masks are quite effective, more layers they have more effective they are. Their main advantage is that they’re reusable, can be washed and used again. They don’t pollute and can last you a long time. But note that a standard laundry cycle is not enough to wash off the coronavirus, according to the CDC. Covid-19 is an enveloped virus and this makes it susceptible to detergents. They can break that envelope apart by reducing the surface tension. Chemicals in detergents get attached to viruses outside envelope on one end of the molecule and on the water on the other end and, by reducing surface tension they bust the virus apart. The remnants of the virus are trapped and washed away in the water.

Washing temperature doesn’t matter as long if you use detergent. Cotton masks usually can withstand higher temperatures so there’s no problem if you wash it at high temperature.

We offer few types of cloth masks – basic cloth masks, cloth masks with activated carbon filters and cloth masks with respirator valves and activated carbon filters for best protection.


Cleaning a N95 mask or a medical mask

Medical masks are meant for single use. They’re made of non-woven synthetic fabrics and can’t withstand a typical laundry cycle. If washed, they get damaged.

These masks can be sanitized with UV-C light, a high energy spectrum of ultraviolet light. After exposing the masks to UV light, they can be used again. Note that UV light, especially UV-C used for this sanitation process is very dangerous and the process must be conducted under expert supervision and by trained people.

Best way to clean these types of masks is to use specialized portable UV sanitation devices like the one we have in our offer.

Most of this mask sanitation is done in hospitals and generally, CDC recommends that you use the masks only once.