carbon filter face mask - black

Masks with carbon filters can be very effective at their job. Very often these masks are made of cotton cloth with disposable carbon filter inserts that can be replaced easily. Carbon filter face masks can be used to absorb, remove and capture any particles in the air. Particles react chemically with carbon in the filter and this causes them to stick to carbon particles. Masks are useful in trapping allergens, smoke, chemicals, bacteria and viruses.

Carbon filter masks have several advantages when compared to other masks:

  1. Carbon filter cloth masks are reusable. Masks themselves are made of cotton cloth and can be washed in the washing machine. This means that the same mask can be used over and over, simply by washing it and replacing the carbon filters. This means the entire mask won't be tossed away in the trash, making them more user friendly.
  2. Extra layers of protection. These masks often provide only two layers of cloth which isn't enough to stop small particles from the air, like pollen, pollution, bacteria and viruses. By adding a three-layer filter optimal protection is achieved - filter is made of two layers of cloth with activated carbon in between. This carbon layer provides additional protection and can trap any particles currently in the air.
  3. Infectious droplets and particles stick. Carbon filters react with water particles in the air and anything they carry gets stuck on carbon particles. This means any bacteria or viruses when someone sneezes, exhales or coughs will be floating around attached to small water particles. Carbon filters will make sure they stick to them and don't get through to your nose or mouth.


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